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The Valley of Trails is famous for it’s hiking, but there is so much more to do. The coastal weather of Vancouver Island offers hot summers and warm winters, making the Alberni Valley a year round paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. For you convenience we have grouped adventure opportunities by Trails, Air, Land, and Water.
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The Valley of Trails

At the heart of Vancouver Island is a valley of unique natural beauty, which is filled with secret spots that will take your breath away. Welcome to the Valley of Trails - better known as the Alberni Valley. The Valley of Trails offers visitors some of the best and highest number of hiking trails on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

The people of Port Alberni come from frontier roots and have been cutting hiking trails through the Alberni Valley for well over a hundred years. In fact, the first European to set foot in the Alberni Valley arrived in the area by hiking a trail that would eventually bear his name. Adam Horne was a Scottish fur trader who was directed, by the Hudson Bay Company, to find a land route across Vancouver Island in 1856. During his search he became aware of a trail leading from Qualicum through the Alberni Valley, that was built by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth people. There can be little doubt that some of the routes in the Valley of Trails have been used by the Tseshaht and Hupacasath First Nations for thousands of years.

The Valley of Trails offers Vancouver Island hikers paths of all shapes, sizes, and difficulties. From a casual walk along the Log Train Trail to a climb up Mount Arrowsmith, and everything in between. There are hikes through beautiful old growth forests, along stunning river canyons, along the ocean, and to the tops of mountains. There are trails for hiking, some for mountain biking, and others perfect for horseback riding or ATVing. You can get immersed for an hour, a day, or enjoy some of the best camping on Vancouver Island. The choice is ultimately yours!

The Valley of Trails is a website designed to introduce you to some of the best hiking trails on Vancouver Island, BC. Explore these pages and you will find a lifetime of recreational opportunities. Keep in mind that Port Alberni is not only famous for hiking, but also offers unparalleled opportunity in nearly every outdoor activity. The shops and restaurants of Port Alberni offer a great place to get supplies or spend some time recovering. The hotels and various other accommodations offer some great options from which to set up base. Whatever interests you, be sure to spend some time getting lost in the Valley of Trails!

Latest Adventure Reports

The Most Beautiful Place in the World

Vancouver Island is the most beautiful place in the world! This is a belief I have long held, and I’ve always felt I had a reasonable footing on which to make this bold statement. Recently I had the privilege of driving a 2,200 km loop through the southern part of British Columbia on a family road trip, which had me re-examining this long held belief.    

My Top 5 Vancouver Island Multi-Day Trips

Vancouver Island offers some of the very best multi-day outdoor adventure trips in the world. Let me start by saying that I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, having only tackled five of these trips to this point in my life.  Nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to rank my favourite multi-day trips in hopes of starting a conversation with others about their favourites. Here we go.

Trail Update: Fossli Provincial Park

I took a burn down the trail to Fossli Provincial Park today. Actually it was a very sedate 2-hour stroll but I could ‘a done it in 20 minutes! I wanted to see if any repairs to the railing and steps past the suspension bridge had been done. A sign had been up all winter saying the trail was closed. Unfortunately Parks staff neglected to tell our Visitor Info Centre either that the trail was closed or that it was open once again. Because now it was open. They did a nice job on it. The wooden structure will rot again in a few years.